=> A picture to the dream
My Dream                                                                         03.12.2009

A darkness energy as the sun Shown ... and the planets were the Supernovas and suns. In the middle a black ball was the Supernovas and the suns circled this ball. The ball looked as, if it was a Megnet. It seemed to me as if it was a galaxy, and at that time there was a universe. The energy of the Supernovas and the suns shone on this magnet and him caught in to glow. Then by an Explusion. I saw a new space and time created.
It looked as if our universe was like an atmosphere. As if became in a universe, another one originate right in the middle, is the other disappearing. But it was strange, I saw whiteness holes, beyond our universe.
My dream was so realistic, I believe myself in it thus has been.

Have try my dream to explain with pictures only my dream was so real, everything had his colours. As a having it of a created. Goes please on the pictures, it has made same

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